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11 Handloads
22 Hornet, all bullet weights
BulletPowder WeightPowderVelocityOALPrimerSource
30gr STHP 12.8 grLil gun 2,850 fps1.825" Win SR guest
1 inch groups at 100yds in a NEF handi-rifle. The bullet is a berger VLD

30gr STHP 3.3 grbullseye 1,875 fps1.623" Win SR guest
1 inch groups at 100yds. the bullet is a sierra 30gr hp. wonderful for rabbits and squirrels.

35gr SP 11.0 grWW296 2,800 fps CCI SP guest
This is a fast but light load that I use in 3 different guns. Small pistol primer and consistant brass is the answer for a good shooting Hornet.

40gr BTHP 13.0 grH Lil Gun 2,890 fps1.840" Win SR guest
40Gr Nosler BT out of a Ruger 77/22 Hornet, good accuracy and lots of power for varmints. Cases on 4th loading and no signs of separation. Loaded with Lee Collet Neck size only dies, and Factory crimp die.

40gr SP 14.0 grLiLgun 3,020 fps Fed SPM guest
You have to tap shell case for the additional powder. I like to use the Hornday 40 vmax.

40gr SP 12.5 grWW 296 3,000 fps CCI SP guest
*** THIS IS A HOT LOAD *** I use this as a stand in for a .223 for now for our 10 yr old daughter. It is a 1/2" load out of chopped down NEF single shot. The daughter is small and its 11" L.O.P. is good til she grows. Trigger job, short bipod and a 6x Burris make the package.

45gr SP 13.5 grLil’gun 2,700 fps CCI SP guest
very accurate, low pressure with highest velocity.

50gr SP 11.0 grIMR4227 Unknown Win SR guest
10 shots same hole 75 yds

50gr SP 12.5 grLil gun 2,710 fps1.855" Win SR guest
1 inch groups at 100yds in a NEF Handi-rifle. bullet is a 50gr PSP from winchester.

53 gr JHP 12.2 grLil Gun Unknown Win SR guest
Ruger 77/22,Hornady HP match bullets. Fairly hot load, but no excess pressure or case stretch. Consistent ragged-hole 5 shot groups at 50 yds. 80 yd doe didn’t have time to express opinion concerning adequacy of this round for central Texas deer...

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55gr SP 12.3 grLil gun 2,600 fps1.845" Win SR guest
1 1/2 inch groups at 100yds in NEF handi-rilfe. bullet is a 55grain psp from remington. Awsome close range deer cartrige.

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