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26 Handloads
280 Remington, all bullet weights
BulletPowder WeightPowderVelocityOALPrimerSource
110gr BTHP 13.0 grRed Dot 1,800 fps3.300" CCI LR guest
1 inch accuracy @ 100 yds. fron a Win. Mod. 70 Featherwt w/22" barrel. Good plinking / practice load.

110gr BTHP 6.0 grUnique 950 fps3.265" CCI LR guest
Accurate up to 70 steps. Used for squirrels and rabbit (head shots only). Note: At 4.0grs. jacketed bullet sticks in bore.

120gr SP 56.3 grWin 760 3,125 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 50.7 gr

Pressure: 57,500 PSI

120gr JHP 56.5 grIMR 4350 3,050 fps3.35" CCI LR guest
This is my favorite antelope load. I use the Hornady 120 gr. JHP in 7mm. I have killed six antelope with it, and it is absolutely devastating. Heart/lung hits means instant death, with the heart and lungs completely destroyed and are turned into liquid. Plus, the bullet does not penetrate the chest cavity, so no meat is ruined on the opposite side of the animal. I get great accuracy with this load, and last time at the range I shot a 1.2" three shot group at 200 yards. I would not hesitate to use this load on deer. My friend shot a beautiful mule deer buck last year with the same bullet loaded in 7mm Mauser, and had the same results I get. Try it out, you will not be disappointed!

130gr SP 56.8 grIMR 4350 3,050 fps3.250" CCI LRM guest
Primer- CCI 250 LRM Case length- 2.530 Case- Remington Gun- Browning A-bolt 22" Bullet- 130gr. Speer Flat base Shoots under 1"(.897) Light recoil, flat shooting and hard hitting. Took 2 whitetails, and two mulies last year with this load, 3 of them were over 200yds and one of them was at about 85 yds. All dropped where they tracking required.none.

139gr SP 59.2 grWXR 2,985 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 53.3 gr

Pressure: 57,500 PSI

139gr spbt 57.0 grh4831 Unknown3.300" cci200 guest

140gr nosler p 54.0 grimr 4350 2,940 fps3.340" cci 200 guest
Real accurate. Does not show any pressure signs.

140gr nosler 58.0 grimr 4831 Unknown3.292" cci 250 guest

140gr SP 55.5 grIMR-4350 3,010 fps CCI LRM guest
Extremely accurate.

140gr BTHP 46.0 grimr 4360 Unknown CCI LR guest

140gr BTHP 58.0 grH4831SC Unknown Fed LR guest
This load will group under 1 MOA. This bullet is the Barnes TSX. The rifle is Remington 700 long action w/25.5" Douglas medium sporter weight barrel. I haven’t fired this load overy my chrony.

140gr SP 55.0 grIMR4350 2,860 fps3.30" Fed LR guest
Bullet Sierra SPBT, rifle Ruger77, .75" group @ 100yds.

145gr SP 56.0 grWXR 2,865 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 50.4 gr

Pressure: 58,000 PSI

150gr BTHP 50.0 grimr4350 Unknown CCI SP guest

150gr JSP 49.0 grAA2700 2,658 fps3.35" Win LR guest
This load begain from the AA 2002 booklet and the Blt wgt was 154 but it works great with 150 gr. JSP bullet from Winchester. The load fills the case to about 65% and the velocity is from a 21" Browning A-Bolt. If shot from a 22 or longer barrel the velocity should be well above 2700f/s. Gave me .75 to 1.15 inch groups at 100 yds. OAL based on magazine size and throat depth.

150gr SP 54.0 grIMR 4350 2,850 fps3.250" CCI LRM guest
150 Nosler Part. shoots 0.657" @ 100yds with my Browning A-bolt. 51.5 gr is max according to the Nosler handbook so work carefully. Cases are remington make, trim to 2.530"

150gr FMJ 49.0 grimr 4064 Unknown LR guest

154gr SP 59.0 grH4831 3,010 fps Win LR guest
Very accurate load. About 1/2" consistantly. Powder charge is .7grs over Hornady book max. Velocity is from 24" bbl Rem M700. Some say IMR and H4831 are interchangable...I don’t agree and believe H4831 is slower.

Admin Note: Hodgdons max is 53.7gr with a 150gr Nosler Partition

160gr SBT 55.7 grWXR 2,795 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 50.1 gr

Pressure: 58,000 PSI

160gr SP 55.5 grIMR-4831 2,940 fps CCI LRM guest
Also accurate and obviously powerful. Velocity varies from 2910-2940 fps depending on powder lot, temp., etc. Bullet is a Nosler Partition

160gr STHP 53.0 grRe-22 2,600 fps3.260" Fed LR guest
Moderate load. 1/2-3/4" group at 150 yds.

160gr SP 53.5 grIMR4350 2,718 fps3.30" Fed LR guest
Bullet SPBT Sierra, rifle Ruger 77

162gr XTP 61.0 grH-1000 2,700 fps3.25" LR guest
No Chrony but data list 2700 fps + Bullet is a Hornady SST with a B.C. of .550.

175gr JSP 54.0 grIMR 7828 2,760 fps3.300" CCI LRM guest
My standard all around big game load. groups at 0.750 inches with 5 rounds @ 100 yds from bags. Gun does have a Shilen match grade barrel and trued and bedded action and worked trigger...

175gr JSP 61.5 grHodgdon 2,816 fps Win LP guest
Rugar m77--- this is a MAX load--starting load should be 57.5 and work up by 1.5--nickle cases--175 GS bullet-

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