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42 Handloads
300 Winchester Magnum, all bullet weights
BulletPowder WeightPowderVelocityOALPrimerSource
150gr SP 74.0 grIMR4350 3,442 fps3.340" Fed LRM guest
the bullets are 150 gr nosler partitions the ammuntion is fired out of a browning bar in a 300 win mag. this ammo. has been flawless and has never jammed in the auto loading rifle.Has used this load for at least 15 years in Canada for whitetail deer in sub zero temps to minus 30.I have a following of hunters that use this load from everthing from elk,moose,deer and antelope and the hunters are loveing the results with cleaner kills and performance.This is were it counts.

Admin Note: NOTE: This is a maximum charge as listed by IMR powder at 61,500PSI. Start low and work up to it. GS

165gr SP 67.1 grWin 760 2,995 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 60.4 gr

Pressure: 60,800 PSI

165gr BTHP 80.0 grReloader 22 3,320 fps3.41"" Fed LPM guest
Primer: Federal 215 Bullet: Barnes XLC - 165 grain Overall Cartridge lenghts: 3.41" Rifle: Savage 116 (Weather Warriar) - 24" Barrel Temperature: 25.6*F Group Size (100 yards):1" - 3 shoot

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165gr SP 78.0 grRL 22 3,150 fps88mm" Win LRM guest
Favorite load using Speer 165 Boatail soft point in a Remington 700 BDL 1/2’’ 3 shot groups consistantly and very effective on game.

165gr LBT-WFN 74.6 grRL 19 Unknown3.29" CCI LRM guest

165gr SP 77.0 grRL 25 3,160 fpsna" Fed LR guest
Rifle 700Rem 26in. PacNor Barrel. Bullet is Hornady sst. the interbond shoots the same. very acc. in this rifle.

165gr BTHP 78.0 grH-4831SC 3,188 fps3.375" Win LR guest
This is my long range (250-500yds.) round for deer and Pronghorns. Group size is 0.377@100yds and 2.55"@400

165gr SP 74.9 grIMR 4831 3,200 fps3..35" CCI LR guest
5 shot consistant sub moa- Very good hunting load

168gr BST 77.0 grWXR 3,130 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 69.3 gr

Pressure: 58,000 PSI

168gr JHP 80.0 grRL 22 3,300 fps3.540" Fed LRM guest
bullet is the new Barnes triple shock-xbt at 300 yds the group was under 1.5 in energy is 4062ft-lbs.(move over 338 Win) pressure is max.oal may change depending on throat and magazine. bullet is .025 off lands in my rifle.this is a great all-around load with the Barnes bullet

168gr BTHP 76.0 grRL 25 3,180 fpsna" Fed LR guest
rifle is a 700 rem. 26in. Pac Nor barrel

168gr BTHP 84.5 grramshot magnum Unknown Fed LRM guest
I am using a 168 VLD Berger bullet.

178gr BTHP 77.0 grreloader 22 3,150 fps Win LRM guest

178gr BTHP 68.0 grAccurate Arms 4350 3,034 fps Fed LRM guest
178 Amax 5 shot group @ 100yds 0.189" Shoots under .5" @ 200yds all day

180gr FS 77.0 grWXR 2,970 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 69.3 gr

Pressure: 56,400 PSI

180gr PG 76.0 grWXR 2,965 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 68.4 gr

Pressure: 54,800 PSI

180gr FMJ-BT 75.5 grRL 22 3,118 fps3.565" CCI LRM guest
This load is the Nosler Solid Base Ballistic Tip (green). OAL - I loaded it just short of the rifleing and to the maximum length of the cartrige box.

180gr SP 69.3 grIMR 4350 3,000 fps3.340" CCI LP guest
Shooting A ruger Mark11 cand hold a 3/4 in group at 100 yds I’m using remington 180 gr corlokt bullets. I was suprise at my self first time loading last winter afraid to try something else.your opinions are welcome using this load to go to montana for elk and muleys

180gr JSP 74.5 grR22 3,010 fps3.345" Win LRM guest
This load is a half moa.load. I shoot a browning a-bolt. I have used it to kill 4 bucks in 03.The bullet is nosler’s ballistic tip. It never failed me from 12-365 yards

180gr BTHP 80.0 grHodgon 4831 3,008 fps3.590" Fed LRM guest
For long seated rifle loads. slightly compressed. Very consistent and accurate SD 8 fps. Remington 700BDL 24". for Nosler Ballistic tip and Scirocco. Use federal Large Rifle magnum or Bench rest magnum

Admin Note: Well above Hodgdon max of 73.0gr

180gr JSP 72.0 grReloader 22 Unknown CCI LRM guest
Crimp on the crimping groove, basic Hornady sp bullet, very accurate.

180gr JSP 72.0 grReloader 22 Unknown CCI LRM guest
I am a little impaired. I originally listed this as a handgun round. Generic Hornady 180 grain SP, very accurate. Crimped on the crimping groove.

180gr JSP 72.0 grReloader 22 Unknown CCI LRM guest
Very accurate, used crimping groove for OAL. Generic Hornady 180 grain SP.

180gr SP 83.0 grReloader 25 3,300 fps CCI LR guest
Oehler chronographed, 26" barrel, hot load with primer pockets loosening up after 3 to 4 loads, ~65,000 psi, 180 grain Nosler BT, very accurate game getter.

180gr BTHP 71.0 grHodgdon H4831 SC 2,816 fps3.340" CCI LRM guest
The bullet I use is a Hornady BTSP #3072. I fire this round from a Remington 700 rifle with a match target barrel. It works great on big game like elk up to 250 yards.

180gr BTHP 78.7 grHodgdon H1000 2,955 fps CCI LRM guest
Win M70, 26 in. barrel, Sierra Game King bullet, 3/4 in. group consistently @ 100 yd. Deadly on S. TX wild hogs, varmints. Businesslike on the back end, too, but not unbearable.

180gr SP 75.0 grIMR 4350 3,200 fps CCI LR guest
This load is directly out of the old Speer #7 manual. I have used it in three different rifles and it shot under an inch in two of them and just over an inch in the other. It is a devastating load for really big game at long range.

180 gr SP 73.0 grH4831 3,082 fps3.34" Win LR guest
bullet used- 180 gn. Nosler Accubond

180gr BTHP 75.5 grIMR 4831 3,110 fps3.322" CCI LRM guest
Barnes XLC, very accurate <1"@ 100yrds 1 shot on deer/elk is average

Admin Note: Above IMR max of 74.0gr

180gr BTHP 75.0 grIMR 4831 3,100 fps LRM guest
fed. case, rem. 9 1/2 mag. primer, sierra 180 gr. btsp. neck sized only. oal; max for mag box. near max, this load shot consistant 1/2 moa at 100yds. in an old winchester m-70 ranger w/ 22" barrel. primers flattened, but no buldged or ringed cases, split necks, or other signs of excessive pressure. recoil is stout.

180gr SP 74.0 grReloader 19 3,150 fps Win LRM guest
Good solid all around load.

190gr BTHP 75.0 grvithavori n 165 2,858 fps Fed LRM guest
bullet is a berger 190 vld inside case neck trimmed with a vld lyman reamer, shoots in the same hole at 1-900 on a calm day, prone bipod. bean bag. 14x leopold tactical

200gr SBT 71.4 grWXR 2,800 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 64.3 gr

Pressure: 58,700 PSI

200gr BTHP 73.7 grimr 7828 3,020 fps3.365" Fed SRM guest
Excellent long range moose load.Compressed load with no pressure signs.Start 10% less and work your way up. Good luck

200gr BTHP 73.7 grimr 7828 3,020 fps3.365" Fed LRM guest
Excellent long range moose load.Compressed load with no pressure signs.Start 10% less and work your way up. Good luck

200gr BTHP 72.5 grH1000 2,550 fps3.500" CCI LR guest
0.60 MOA for 8 5 shot groups at 200 YD from a n unmodified Remington 700 Sendero. Sierra 200GR HPBT Moly bullet, CCI BR-2 primer. Seated 0.015" from lands. Single shot feed only.

200gr SP 70.0 grRL 22 2,904 fpsna" Fed LR guest
700 rem. 26in. PacNor barrel. bullet is the Nosler Partion. very acc. .5@100yds.this is my Grizz. load

200gr FMJ-BT 77.0 grH-1000 2,826 fps3.565" Win LR guest
This is a Nosler Accubond 200gr bullet in Remington brass. Firearm is a Remington 700 BDL Wood stock, glassbed reciever and pressure bed original barrel with a Simmons 4-12x 40mm scope. It shot 3/4 in shot groups at 100yds. This was a first try with the H-1000; I’m impressed. This load is right out of the 2006 Hodgon Annual Manual, except the OAL which allowed the load to remain uncompressed. Now I will try to fine tune the loads and will keep you updated.

210gr BTHP 80.0 grH1000 2,950 fps Fed LR guest
great long range load.

210 gr BTHP 72.7 grRE-22 2,850 fps3.590" Fed LRM guest
Berger 210 VLD seated 0.015" INTO lands Redding Type-S .333 bushing Im consistent under .5MOA and get .25MOA fairly often...This is all out of a 700P

220gr SP 64.0 grReloader 22 Unknown CCI LRM guest
Generic Hornady 220 grain bullet, very accurate, 180 grain load sighted at 3 inches high @ 100 yards, this load is dead on at 100. This load looks B.A.D. Have not used it on flesh yet. I usually like heavy bullets, it doesn’t make sense to me to shoot 150 grainers in a 300 mag.

220 gr JSP 70.0 grIMR 4831 2,795 fps3.365" Win LR guest
Sierra 220 grain Roundnose bullet. Cloverleafs 3 shots out of my 24" Savage

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