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14 Handloads
338-06, all bullet weights
BulletPowder WeightPowderVelocityOALPrimerSource
180gr BTHP 57.0 grdu 4064 2,950 fps Fed LR guest
shot in a 26" barrel. Great whitetail load. Sub moa groups with very little recoil. Shoots very flat and consitant. Drops deer straight down and not alot of meat damage.

200gr JSP 55.0 grRL 15 2,550 fps3.305" CCI LR guest
First load with this combination and grouped 5 shots well at 100 yards. Using 4x scope so larger magnification could improve performance.

200gr JSP 60.0 grH414 2,550 fps3.310" CCI LR guest
Same point of impact as my other 338-06 load listed with the 200 grain bullet. I put 5 rounds of each in a less than 2 inch group at 100 yards.

200gr SP 63.0 grh414 2,800 fps3.350" Win LR guest
use a hornady 200 grain soitzer

200gr SP 55.0 grRL 15 2,700 fps3.34" CCI LR guest
Shot a one hole group at 100 yards from a cold barrel.

200 gr JSP 56.0 grAA4064 Unknown Fed LR guest
Hornady bullet seated to cannelure.Shoots less than an inch at 100 yds.Custom VZ-24 with E R Shaw barrel built by me in my shop.Burris 3.5X10X50 scope,Leupold 2 piece base,Burris signature rings

210gr SP 60.0 grIMR 4350 Unknown CCI LR guest
Excellent load...groups 1/2 - 3/4" in my custom Mauser...use the Nosler Partition. Great performer on Moose, Elk, big Mulies, etc.

210gr JSP 56.0 grIMR4064 2,800 fps CCI LR guest
Excellent elk load in my custom Pre-64 Win M70 with 24" barrel.

215gr SP 64.0 grW760 2,816 fps Win LR guest
Weatherby SBGM 24". Sierra 215 gr SBT in WBY brass. Velocity at 60 F. over Shooting Chrony, SD 9. However, W760 is very temperature intolerant and velocity varies +/- 4 fps per 1 degree change in temp. 100 yard 3-shot bench avg consistent at 0.73".

225gr JSP 50.0 grVarget Unknown3.305" CCI LR guest
Excellent 100 and 200 yard accuracy. Still tweaking for better performance. Hornady 225 SST bullet.

225gr SP 61.0 grReloader 19 2,329 fps3.277" LR guest
Most accurate load with Nosler Partition Sub minute of angle (.802in) at 100 yds in custom Mauser with 21" barrel. Remington 9 1/2 primers.

250gr JSP 53.0 grIMR4064 2,550 fps CCI LR guest
The 250 gr Nosler Partition makes a good load for moose and bear.

250gr SP 58.0 grW760 2,585 fps Win LR guest
Weatherby SBGM 24". Sierra 250 SBT, WBY brass. 100 yard 3-shot bench avg 0.83", 200 yard 3-shot bench avg 1.0". Velocity at 65 F. over Shooting Chrony, SD 8. However, W760 is temperature sensitive and velocity will vary +/- 4 fps per 1 degree F. temperature change. Took several heads of African game with htis load, including two (2) 1300 lb Eland in which the bullet penetrated both shoulders. No recoveries, full penetration on all shots. Good killing power as well.

250gr SP 51.0 grReloader 15 2,390 fps3.400" LR guest
Speer Spire Point Boat Tail Game King bullets, Remington 9 1/2 primers. Extremely accurate - .462in five shot groups at 100 yds in custom Mauser with 21" barrel.

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