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7 Handloads
357 Magnum, all bullet weights
BulletPowder WeightPowderVelocityOALPrimerSource
110gr JHP 15.5 grBlue Dot 2,216 fps1.581" CCI SPM guest
Great for varmints. The bullet is too light and fast for larger game.

125gr LFP 19.0 grH110 2,025 fps1.531" CCI SP guest
This is a custom designed LRNFP gas check bullet with Lee tumble lube grooves. It will punch a neat 45 cal. hole in a 3/16" plate at 45 yards. Ten shot groups are under 1.75" from Win ’94AE at this range.

140gr XTP 17.0 grH110 1,300 fps CCI SPM guest
I,ve used this load in a Ruger Security Six with a 6" bbl. I think it works good.

158gr LFP 6.0 grUnique 1,267 fps1.550" CCI SP guest
From Winchester lever action 24" barrel. 6.5g gave 1,336 fps and 7.5g gave 1,496 fps - chronograph 6ft from muzzle.

158gr FMJ 15.0 grVihtavuori 1,827 fps1.560" CCI SR guest
Winchester lever rifle 24" barrel. Extreme spread 18 fps over 10 shots. Chrono 6ft from muzzle. SD 5.9

158gr XTP 16.5 grH-110 1,957 fps1.590" CCI SPM guest
Shot out of a Marlin 1894 this has 1343 lbs. of energy at the muzzle, makes a good deer rifle for a young one getting into hunting, as the recoil is not harsh.

192gr LSWC 14.6 grH-108 1,455 fps1.665" CCI SPM guest
Freedom Arms Revolver ONLY. E.S. 25 fps. S.D. 8 Firm profile crimp. Heat treated WW w/2% tin added. BHN of 24 & up works well. This load is too long for most revolver cylinders and seating the bullet deeper would increase pressure radically.

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