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19 Handloads
40 S&W, 135 gr
BulletPowder WeightPowderVelocityOALPrimerSource
LRN 5.8 grAccurate Arms #2 1,116 fps1.127" Fed SP guest
STI 5"

FMJ 12.0 grBlue Dot 1,375 fps CCI SP guest
Pinload, for a compensated gun. Stock gun big fireball out the end of barrel. the 135 gr bullet that I am using is a ranier tcfp 135 gr plated bullet(watch the crimp), Nosler Hollow points for the match. Testing Accurate No.9 14.7 gr (15gr showed pressure signs, very flat primers)

JHP 7.6 grBullseye 1,350 fps1.105" WSP Alliant
Suggested starting load: 6.8 gr

Pressure: 33,600

JHP 4.5 grCLAYS 1,071 fps1.125" WSP Hodgdon
Suggested starting load: 4.1 gr

Pressure: 32,900 PSI

JHP 7.5 grGreen Dot 1,330 fps1.105" WSP Alliant
Suggested starting load: 6.8 gr

Pressure: 33,100

JHP 6.2 grHiSkor700X 1,210 fps1.125" Win SP guest

JHP 10.5 grHiSkor800X 1,305 fps1.125" Win SP guest

JHP 12.0 grHodgdon 1,480 fps1.125" Win SP guest
Hodgdon’s ’Longshot’ START with 10.5grs work UP and WATCH for pressure signs. this load is from Hodgdon’s 2006 manual. They suggest using Nosler JHP’s. I use Rainier’s cheaper 135gr JHP with good results. noted moderate accuracy. mild orange muzzle flash in darkness. report and blast however, are FAR from mild! (vel 4" BBL)

JHP 7.0 grHP38 1,244 fps1.125" WSP Hodgdon
Suggested starting load: 6.3 gr

Pressure: 33,100 PSI

JHP 10.2 grHS6 1,321 fps1.125" WSP Hodgdon
Suggested starting load: 9.2 gr

Pressure: 33,600 PSI

FMJ 9.5 grIMR HiSkor 800 X Unknown1.125" SP guest
This load is based on a Berrys Plated RNFP bullet using a Reminton SP primer and a heavy crimp from a Lee Factory Carbide taper crimp die, which I use on all of my reloads.I load this consistently at 9.5 grs. and have had no problems in my Springfield XD. This load is very accurate and nice shooting with moderate recoil.

JHP 7.6 grNo. 2 1,247 fps1.125" CCI 500 Accurate
Suggested starting load: 6.8 gr

JHP 9.3 grNo. 5 1,266 fps1.125" CCI 500 Accurate
Suggested starting load: 8.4 gr

JHP 11.2 grNo. 7 1,237 fps1.125" CCI 500 Accurate
Suggested starting load: 10.1 gr

JHP 9.3 grPower Pistol 1,340 fps1.105" WSP Alliant
Suggested starting load: 8.4 gr

Pressure: 34,000

JHP 6.7 grRed Dot 1,280 fps1.105" WSP Alliant
Suggested starting load: 6.0 gr

Pressure: 33,200

JHP 6.4 grTiteGroup 1,251 fps1.125" WSP Hodgdon
Suggested starting load: 5.8 gr

Pressure: 33,200 PSI

JHP 8.5 grUnique 1,290 fps1.105" WSP Alliant
Suggested starting load: 7.7 gr

Pressure: 26,600

JHP 7.5 grUniversal 1,324 fps1.125" WSP Hodgdon
Suggested starting load: 6.8 gr

Pressure: 32,500 PSI

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