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8 Handloads
50 AE, all bullet weights
BulletPowder WeightPowderVelocityOALPrimerSource
300gr IMI 30.5 grWin 296 1,541 fps1.574" CCI 350 guest
This Velocity Is From A BCA 4.5" Barreled Revolver.

300gr JHP 32.6 grHogdgon H110 1,350 fps CCI SP guest
Desert Eagle, 6" barrel. I can hit bowling pins at 100 yds pretty regularly with this load. It doesnt kick a much as factory. I shot 3,000 rounds of .50AE last month in the Desert Eagle. Oh, I shot my friend’s chronograph doing the first set of measurements. I bought him another. Then next week I shot his second chronograph! Now I have 2 and he has the top of the line Chrony for his patience.... delete the dash from my email to make it work. Ken Charleston SC

Email author: ken 
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312gr LBT LFN 30.5 grWin 296 1,526 fps1.595" CCI 350 guest
This Velocity Is From A BCA Revolver With A 4.5" Barrel.

325gr JHP 23.8 grNo. 9 1,247 fps1.575" CCI 350 Accurate
Suggested starting load: 21.4 gr

325gr JHP 37.8 gr1680 1,305 fps1.575" CCI 350 Accurate
Suggested starting load: 34.0 gr

325gr JHP 30.8 grH4227 1,294 fps1.575" CCI 350 Hodgdon
Suggested starting load: 27.7 gr

325gr JHP 32.5 grH110 1,431 fps1.575" CCI 350 Hodgdon
Suggested starting load: 29.3 gr

325gr JHP 29.5 grvv-n110 1,473 fps1.54" Fed LPM guest
speer uni-core bullet.great deer,hog load 6"bbl DE

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