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36 Handloads
7 mm Remington Magnum, all bullet weights
BulletPowder WeightPowderVelocityOALPrimerSource
100gr JHP 77.0 grReloader 22 3,600 fps3.60" Fed LRM guest
100 grain Sierra Varminter Molly coated in the tumbler. One grain of Reloader 22 over Max book to produce same book Velocity. OAL, using Stoney Point OAL Gauge 5/1000 under mesured length

120gr SP 68.8 grWXR 3,290 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 61.9 gr

Pressure: 55,500 PSI

120gr BTHP 71.0 grReloader 22 3,300 fps3.280" CCI LR guest
0.758" @ 100yds. 120gr Barnes XBT NON-COATED took a pronghorn in New Mexico last year at 378 yds, blew a 50cent piece size hole on the exit wound. Rem. cases, trim to 2.500" CCI Benchrest #2 LR primers

120gr HP 54.6 grIMR 4320 3,100 fps3.230" Rem 9.5 Mag Hornady
Suggested starting load: 49.1 gr
24 inch Remington 700 BDL

120gr Spitz-SP 73.0 grRe22 3,435 fps3.250" CCI 250 Speer
Suggested starting load: 65.7 gr
24 inch pressure barrel.

120gr Spitz-SP 64.0 grAA 4350 3,384 fps3.250" CCI 250 Speer
Suggested starting load: 57.6 gr
24 inch pressure barrel.

120gr Spitz-SP 59.0 grH380 3,189 fps3.250" CCI 250 Speer
Suggested starting load: 53.1 gr
24 inch presssure barrel.

120gr Hdy SP 68.5 grH4831 3,236 fps3.230" Win LR Hodgdon
Suggested starting load: 61.7 gr
24 inch barrel

Pressure: 50,600 CUP

120gr BTHP 70.0 grRE19 3,500 fps Win LRM guest
26"BBL .5" @100YRD

Admin Note: Alliant max 69.0gr

130gr BTHP 70.0 grIMR 4831 3,602 fps Fed LRM guest

139gr BTHP 69.1 grimr 4831 3,000 fps2.051" CCI LRM guest

139gr SP 65.0 grimr 4831 3,150 fps CCI LRM guest

139gr JSP 64.0 grIMR4831 3,082 fps3.30" Win LPM guest
Barrel: 26", Bullet-Hornaday 139 Grn BTSP. OAL 3.30" These really shoot great .50" grps at 100yrds. Bullet Seat Depth may vary with your rifle. 3.25" to 3.34"

140gr BST 69.0 grWXR 3,135 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 62.1 gr

Pressure: 58,300 PSI

140gr BT 64.8 grIMR4350 3,250 fps3.290" Fed 215 guest
Excellent down range ballisitics when sighted in at 250 yards. Good for everything from antelope to mulies. Over 2000 ft/lbs remain at 300 yds. Ref: Nosler #4. (Ballistic Tip)

140gr SP 71.5 grIMR 7828 3,400 fps CCI LRM guest
This Nosler Balistic Tip load gives me groups of less than 1" at 100 yds in my Win. Model 70.

140gr SP 67.5 grRL-22 3,160 fps CCI LRM guest
This is the max load in the Nosler book that says velocity 3340. Real life in two different 24" rifles is 3160. Nice accurate mild load. 140gr. Partition with Remington brass seated .007 off of the rifling.

140gr SP 64.0 grH4831sc Unknown3.22" Fed LRM guest
Consistant 1.0" MOA in Browning A-Bolt using Sierra ProHunter 140gr Spitzer.

140gr SP 67.0 grIMR 7828 ssc Unknown3.290" CCI LRM guest
The bullet is a splitzer softpoint boat tai.. Unknown vel.

150gr SP 68.5 grimr 4831 3,160 fps3.353" CCI LRM guest
bullet type nosler bt. would like ballistisc charts for 0@300 yards. from 100yrds to 1500 yards at 25 yrds incroments thanks

150gr SP 68.5 grH-1000 3,000 fps CCI LRM guest
Accurate and deadly, shoots one hole groups at 100 yards with Nosler Ballistic Tip. Better hunting bullet, the Partition, goes into 3/4 inch.

150gr BTHP 79.5 grH870 3,200 fps24" Fed LRM guest
Very accurate, easy to shoot- not much recoil it’s my own worked up over 30 years ago.

150gr FMJ-BT 60.0 grIMR 4350 3,212 fps3.290" CCI LRM guest
The bullet I use is a Nosler Ballistic Tip. Very tight 1/2 group at 100 yards with 5 shots.

154gr SP 65.0 grH4831SC 2,984 fps3.404" Fed LRM guest
Bullet is 154g Hornady Interbond. Primer is Gold Medal Match Federal. Very accurate with excellent terminal performance characteristics at extremely long and short ranges on wild hogs up to 400lbs and white-tails. Velocities from a 24 inch barrel. Averages well under 1 MOA.

154gr FMJ-BT 71.5 grH1000 3,024 fps3.290" Fed LRM guest
Nice and flat. Using Hornady 154gr SST, Federal #215 primer, and Remington Brass. In a group of 10 shots the extream Velocity was only 37fps and the average deveation was 12.44fps. Muzel tourque is 3127.2 ft.lbs and at 100 yards torque was 2872 ft/lbs. Round croses 0 at 75 yards and 100 yards. Barrel pressure was 63,540psi. Due to the length of the round the charge is somewhat compressed.

160gr PG 67.5 grWXR 2,920 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 60.8 gr

Pressure: 57,000 PSI

160gr FS 64.0 grWXR 2,910 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 57.6 gr

Pressure: 60,100 PSI

160gr Nosler 65.0 grIMR 4831 3,102 fps3.250" Fedral GM guest
Nice Load, fast,flat and accurate..

160gr SP 58.0 grIMR-4350 2,904 fps3.280" CCI LRM guest
Spitzer Boat Tail

160gr BTHP 63.7 grH4831SC 2,934 fps3.254" Fed LRM guest
Exremely accurate at VERY long ranges. Average MOA well under .50. Velocities are from a 24 inch barrel. Bullet is Sierra HPBT Game King. Primer Is Federal Gold Medal Match. Performs well on white-tails and smallish hogs. Bullet is a little lightly constructed for large hogs, especially at ranges under 100 yards at high velocities.

160gr SP 63.6 grH4831 3,000 fps3.245" Win LR guest
Bullet is Sierra Gameking SPBT, 160 gr and WLR primers.(published vel 3000 fps. but should be at 2800 fps). I also load this bullet with RE22 (65.2 gr.), but it must use WLRM primers for RE22. I measured velocities for 64 gr. at 2836 fps out of a 24" barrel (published 3050 fps), but very good groups.

160gr SP 62.5 grH4831 2,800 fps Win LRM guest
very accurate,,shoots 3/8 inch in my 24" barrel Santa Barbara at 100yds

162gr SP 61.0 grIMR 4831 3,050 fps CCI LRM guest
I now use a Hornady SST and it has some awesome killing power and accuracy!

175gr SBT 60.2 grWXR 2,850 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 54.2 gr

Pressure: 57,400 PSI

175gr SBT 63.0 grReloader 22 2,900 fps3.190" Fed M215GM guest
Very accurate in my Colt Sauer less than one 1" at 100 yards.

175gr Sierra 63.0 grReloader 22 2,900 fps3.290" Fed M215GM guest
Very Accurate in my Colt Sauer

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