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20 Handloads
7 mm-08 Remington, all bullet weights
BulletPowder WeightPowderVelocityOALPrimerSource
100gr JHP 41.0 grWin 760 2,628 fps2.755" Win LR guest
Remington 700 BDL.

120gr SP 48.0 grWin 760 2,990 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 43.2 gr

Pressure: 56,600 PSI

120gr JSP 42.6 grIMR-3031 3,000 fps CCI SP guest
This load has worked real good for me. I have had a lot of one shot kills with no run off’s.

120gr BTHP 45.5 gr748 3,000 fps2.800" Fed LR guest
extremely accurate in my browning a-bolt with B.O.S.S, Sweet spot setting is .1 the load is max in sierra load book. The only deviance from sierra load is that im using barnes-x 120 boat tail bullets vs sierra 120 spitzer. michigan whitetails are in big trouble.

120gr JSP 48.5 grH 414 2,960 fps2.795" CCI LRM guest
0.653" @ 100yds-48.5gr, 0.855" @ 100yds-50.5gr(3080 fps) Savage 10 Sierra lightwieght w/ 20" barrel Great dual purpose load. Case length is 2.015, remington cases

120gr JSP 48.5 grH 414 2,960 fps2.795" CCI LRM guest
0.653" @ 100yds-48.5gr, 0.855" @ 100yds-50.5gr(3080 fps) Savage 10 Sierra lightwieght w/ 20" barrel Great dual purpose load. Case length is 2.015, remington cases, 120 gr Nosler BT

130gr BTHP 41.0 grWin 760 2,475 fps2.840" Win LR guest
Remington 70 BDL.

139gr BT 45.4 grWin 760 2,725 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 40.9 gr

Pressure: 50,800 PSI

139gr SP 35.0 grWinchester 748 Unknown2.825" CCI LRM guest
Nice and easy on recoil in youth model rifle

139gr SP 45.5 grW-760 2,640 fps2.735" Win LR guest
Hornady Spire Pt #2820; makes good use of typical 18-20" lightweight barrels in Rem Mdl 7 carbines of this caliber. Economical; consistent 3-shot 1/2" groups; a go-to whitetail getter.

139gr SP 47.5 grH-4350 Unknown2 .82" CCI LR guest
Very accurate and safe load in my Winchester model-70 classic fw and in Sako A-II.

140gr SP 47.2 grIMR- 4350 2,740 fps2.765" Fed LR guest
By far the most accurate load in my browning a-bolt. B.O.S.S sweet spot setting is 2.0 this load is at max in the sierra load book. Cut case to 2.030 and use sierra 140 sbt gameking bullets. This is the 2nd load that i have submitted, the other being the 120 barnes-x load using winch 748 powder. All loads are chronographed and tested by me. contact info will be provided when i get rid of this loaner pc and get my pc fixed. Michigan whitetails are in big trouble.

140gr SP 38.5 grAccurate 2015 2,650 fps CCI LR guest
Accurate, great deer load. Shoots into one hole at 100 yards with Remington Model 7 (18.5" barrel). Nosler Ballistic tip works great on deer, velocity not so high as to cause "Ballistic Tip blow-up" at ranges under 100 yards. Nosler Solid Base also works great.

140gr XTP 45.1 grWin 748 2,904 fps2.821" Win LR guest
Good hunting load. Rifle Remington model 7 MS Carbine, 20 inch barrel.

145gr SP 48.0 grIMR 4350 2,848 fps2.744" Fed LP guest
Primers used are Fed Gold Medal Match large rifle (GM210M). 48.0 Grn IM4350 is max charge per Speer manual. 2,848 FPS Velocity is average of 25 shots. Groups average .587" CTC from a Rem 700 Mtn LSS. Deadly on deer with complete pass throughs.

150gr SP 45.6 grWin 760 2,645 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 41.0 gr

Pressure: 49,900 PSI

150gr BTHP 41.0 grWin 760 2,363 fps2.840" Win LR guest
Remington 700 BDL.

160gr FS 41.0 grWin 760 2,520 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 36.9 gr

Pressure: 58,200 PSI

162gr BT 43.0 grWin 760 2,605 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 38.7 gr

Pressure: 58,100 PSI

175gr SP 42.6 grWin 760 2,515 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 38.3 gr

Pressure: 58,300 PSI

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