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10 Handloads
7.62 x 25, all bullet weights
BulletPowder WeightPowderVelocityOALPrimerSource
110gr LRN 6.9 grAA#7 1,225 fps1.345" CCI SP guest
Bullet is Berry’s copper plated #726-513 velocity is estimated from other internet data - Firearm= CZ52 - brass= Starline (see their caution about case length) primer = WSP. Berry’s says keep V<1200.

115gr LRN 3.8 grIMR Trail Boss 810 fps1.345" CCI SP guest
Economical cast-lead bullet load for tin-cans or varmints. Low-Recoil and casings end up about 3 feet away rather than in the next county. Full crimp is neccessary for proper cycling of semi-auto pistol action.

115gr LRN 4.0 grIMR Trail Boss 920 fps1.345" CCI SP guest
Compressed Powder load ( 4.0c ) at maximum compression without over compression of charge ( Lyman Test Method ) with increased velocity and power otherwise same as 3.8 gr load. Manigable-Recoil and casings end up about 5 feet away rather than in the next county. Crimp is neccessary for proper cycling of semi-auto pistol action.

85gr FMJ 6.5 grAA #5 1,110 fps 1.35" CCI SP guest
Sierra RNFP bullet

85gr FMJ 7.0 grAA #5 1,235 fps1.355" CCI SP guest
Sierra RNFP bullet

85gr FMJ 6.0 grUnique 1,290 fps1.355" CCI SP guest
Sierra RNSP

85gr FMJ 5.0 grBullseye 1,150 fps1.355" CCI SP guest
Hornady full metal jacket

90gr JHP 12.8 grAccurate #9 1,545 fps1.33" CCI SP guest
This load was derived from playing with the 86 and 93 grain loads and finding what worked well with the Hornady 90gr HP bullets in my CZ-52. Do not use this load for Broomhandle Mausers or Tokarev pistols. The CZ-52 is a much stronger action and my reload guide was very specific about only using their original loads in good condition CZ-52s.

90gr XTP 14.2 grH110 1,700 fps Win SPM guest
Max load developed for CZ-52

90gr XTP 10.3 grH110 1,200 fps Win SPM guest
Developed for CZ-52

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