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25 Latest Loads
BulletPowder WeightPowderVelocityOALPrimerSource
44 Magnum
250gr LSWC
19.7 gr2400 1,289 fps1.725" CCI LP guest
250 gr. Keith PB bullet from Leadheads fired in S&W 629 w/6.5" bbl. using CCI 300 primers and CBC/Magtech brass. Std. Deviation = 9 FPS (outstanding). Stout recoil. Hard hitting round. I could go with a heavier load but this appears to be the "sweet spot" for this gun and load combo.

45 ACP
230gr XTP
9.6 graccurate no7 Unknown CCI LP guest
40 S&W
155gr TMJ
3.7 grClays Unknown1.125" CCI SP guest
Rainier 155gr flat tip plated. Softer recoil than Unique.

357 Magnum
158gr JHP
15.0 gr2400 Unknown CCI SP guest
VerY accurate in my m27 S&W

45 Colt
250gr LFP
9.5 grUnique 1,049 fps1.60" CCI SP guest
Velocity average of 5 shots over Oehler 23C chronograph. This load was safe in my Ruger Blackhawk, 7.5-inch barrel. I have shot it in my Cimarron SAA Artillery replica (5.5-inch barrel) and it has been safe, with no excess pressure signs on primer or case (but is a stout load none the less and leaves lead in the barrel). This data is for information only. I worked it up carefully in the gun listed. Use it at your own risk.

45 Colt
250gr LFP
6.5 grRed Dot 827 fps1.60" CCI LP guest
Velocity average of 5 shots over Oehler 23C chronograph. Ruger Blackhawk, 4.75-inch barrel. Very pleasant to shoot, yet feels like a grownup load. This load was safe in my gun. The data is offered for information only - try it at your own risk.

9 mm
147gr XTP
3.8 grUnique Unknown1.120" CCI SP guest
My CZ 75B likes this load. Accurate and on the mild side.

357 Magnum
125gr JSP
8.7 grUnique Unknown1.570" CCI SP guest
This shoots well in my Rossi 972 357 mag. Light recoil and light report for a 357 mag.

300 Winchester Magnum
210 gr BTHP
72.7 grRE-22 2,850 fps3.590" Fed LRM guest
Berger 210 VLD seated 0.015" INTO lands Redding Type-S .333 bushing Im consistent under .5MOA and get .25MOA fairly often...This is all out of a 700P

10 mm
165gr XTP
9.4 gr800X 1,245 fps1.250" CCI LPM guest
I took 3 whitetail with this load.awesome performance !!!

44 Special +P
250 gr LSWC
15.0 gr2400 1,030 fps1.478" CCI LP guest
This is a good and very accurate load in the S&W N frame 44 special. It never gives any trouble on extraction or signs of pressure. The regular primer gives better accuracy in my gun than magnums. I got one inch groups at 20 yards with this when my eyes were younger.

44 Magnum
210gr JSP
9.9 grhogdon titegroup Unknown CCI SP guest
380 ACP
95gr LFP
3.0 grHogdon Titegroup Unknown.940" CCI SP guest
Rainier Ballistics copper-washed lead flat point. Cheap load, accurate as JHP, perfect practice load.

380 ACP
90gr JHP
3.0 grHogdon Titegroup Unknown.941" CCI SP guest
3.0 gr Titegroup with Sierra #8100 functions the gun perfectly, accurate at 25’. 3.2 gr Titegroup MAX is still very accurate, probably good defensive load.

44 Special +P
240gr LSWC
13.5 grNew imr4227 947 fps CCI SP guest
Hogden did not discontinue h4227 powder. They have repackaged the powder under the imr4227 lable. Check to make sure that the powder was manufactured in Australia. This is identical to the old h4227. Excellent load in 7.5 inch barrel. It is the only powder on the market that will launch a 240 gr. bullet at 900 ft/sec and still be at the pressure limits of the 44 special. You can actually load this up about 1.5 grs higher in the 44 special if shooting from 629. Very accurate.

35 Remington
158gr LSWC
5.0 grRed Dot 962 fps2.225" CCI LRM guest
Cowboy Action Shooting load. Fills case 1/4 full. Beware of double charging case.

35 Remington
158gr LSWC
6.5 grTrail Boss 1,014 fps2.225" CCI LRM guest
CAS load. Tested in Marlin 336C. Fills case approx. 1/3 full. 9.4fps SD in 10 shot group.

35 Remington
158 gr LRN
6.5 grTrail Boss 974 fps2.184" CCI LRM guest
CAS load for the .35 Remington. Feed reliably in Marlin 336C. Trail Boss fills case approx. 1/3 full.

380 ACP
95gr FMJ
3.1 grTitegroup 990 fps.960" CCI SP guest
Sierra Bullet,R-P Brass,Hodgdon Manual 100/95. This Powder lived up to it’s name on this load

30-30 Winchester
173 gr LFP
18.0 grIMR 4198 1,544 fpsna" Win LR guest
This is the starting load in the Lyman manual. This is a very accurate target and plinking load. Have fun!!!

Admin Note: Lyman #311041 Paul5388

38 Special
158gr LSWC
4.5 grUniversal Clays 805 fps Fed SP guest
6 mm Remington
100gr SP
47.0 grReloader 22 2,961 fps CCI LRM guest
Nosler Solid Base,accurate and effective hunting bullet

41 Magnum
220gr LSWC
18.0 grAlliant 2400 Unknown Win LP guest
Lyman #410610 LSWC, gas checked. Excellent results in my six-inch Smith 57.

Admin Note: Well above Alliants current max of 16.4gr, but well below Elmer Keiths 20.0gr load.

45 ACP
230gr LRN
4.8 grwin 231 Unknown1.200" Win LPM guest
10 mm
135gr JHP
13.2 grAA # 7 1,418 fps1.250" CCI SP guest
Federal brass,from the Accurate #1 Manual.Eaa Full Size Wittnes,4.65 Inch BBL. Tight Groups @ 15 yards

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