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5 Handloads
BulletPowder WeightPowderVelocityOALPrimerSource
223 Remington
68.0gr BTHP
24.9 grvarget 2,800 fps CCI SR guest
Good load for a 1-8 twist-----finally----1/4 patterns !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Email author: limonsar15 
357 Magnum
158gr LSWC
7.1 grbullseye Unknownstd" CCI SP guest
Powders a little dirty,a little goes a long way,but good accurate load----shoots great out of a GP100 ruger

Email author: limonsar15 
44 Magnum
200gr XTP
23.5 gr2400 Unknown CCI LP guest
Shots well out of a 8" Super Red Hawk (scoped)

Email author: limonsar15 
45 ACP
230gr LRN
5.0 grbullseye 860 fps CCI LP guest
The powder is a bit dirty,but a little goes a long way-----shoots great out of P97DC Ruger,cycles perfectly.

Email author: limonsar15 
454 Casull
250gr XTP
29.5 gr2400 Unknown CCI SP guest
Sounds like a lot of powder,but doesnt have too much kick due to the 250gr bullet. Its accurate,and fast

Email author: limonsar15 

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